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The Universal Veil was founded by a series of the same people (person). Via quantum entanglement they found themselves ensnared in some early-adulthood realizations that have dramatically changed the dimensions from which they hailed. This website serves as the interdimensional node at which they converge to bring you some intradimensional jams. Below you'll find some of the manifestations that have been identified thus far. Keep your peepers peeled for more. 

Singer, song-wright, and creator of sardonic soliloquies of insufferable sentience about the genocidal gentry of a geriatric generation with a nihilistic knack for new world narcissism, among other things. Mr. Mac has lost most of his faith in democracy and believes that the world is on a collision course with the consequences of greed (or another planet). He considers himself a romantic and likes to drink whisky. After a short sting as a professional bus-boy he decided that the noodle business wasn't for him. Like most rockstars, he has crashed motorcycles. After a prolific recording period, he hung up the old 6 strang and set out for the road. He was last seen working on a Bhutanese cargo ship and reportedly had plans to join the Ukrainian resistance against Russian imperialism. 

Forming independently from the ooze and paying heed to no central decision making master, MycoTopia represents all that has started and ended with the same things that were there to begin with, and thus remain where they were found. The haphazard and the intentional. Recognizing that nothing is original, MycoTopia is a a decomposer and a re-arranger. A slow being shifting in semisilence. Here.

River Dweller

Jay Mac 

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The bearded lebanese and the cryptic hibernian

It's a subversive collective of environmental activists. It's a landscaping company. It's a musical group. It's a transcendental organization of bureaucracy-blasting action stars. 

River arose head first from the tongue of a mouth of the face of a nod. He found his way 3/4 of the way down the ladder of the page's line. On the descent of this dynamic dinner of deities and honey bees, River crashed daintily from his perch in an understated search for wherever he left whatever it was that he felt like he could be missing. He didn't find it. But somewhere in the way that a lilted struck string sings like a wing-ed thing was found the scrap of a crumb of a comforting question. He puts fingers to frets and never forgets that before now and after it as well both essentially mean nothing. The comfort and terror that come bumbling along together in these thoughts provide what Mr. River Banyan Bridge calls "song." Everyone has their own definition of this word, and words in general. Mr. River Banyan Bridge recognizes the transience of meaning and analogizes his head with a wind battered helium ballon. 

Coyote Pipe

Portalnaut was blasted gloriously from the sky down onto two unsuspecting, standard-issue father-son types. Primal rhythms, windy melodies, juicy grooves and cathartic resolutions characterize this undeniable duo. And they're trying to get academic credit for it.

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Universal Veil Records 

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